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Walter B. Hathaway

I was amazed at how quick and easy I was able to get an estimate of how much money I could release from my property. Using the Automatic Property Calculator is very simple!

Kenneth J. Garza

I received an estimate from the Automatic Property Calculator in just a few minutes. The information that is required is so basic and can be filled in very quickly and easily and before you even realize, you have an estimate which will definitely help you to make a better decision.

Robert S. Vang

The estimate that I received from the Automatic Property Calculator was so accurate that even I was surprised. Once my advisor and I contacted the provider for further information, it was easier to make decisions and sign up because all of our expectations came true due to such an accurate estimate. 

Find out how much you can release

Unsure about the amount you can raise by releasing equity on your home? Confused about the various schemes and how your income generated through equity release would vary with them? Can’t understand how different factors affect the amount you can get with equity release? Want a good estimate of the lump sum or the monthly income that you will get if you opt for a certain strategy? Well, let’s just say that you are at the right place if you have nodded your head at any stage while reading this. We, at Automatic Property Calculator, can give concrete, clear and complete answers to all your questions. How will we do this? With our very own unique equity release calculator that can put an end to all your questions and make your life very easy! 

What’s stopping you from using our service right now? Pay us a visit, give us a call or just simply drop us a message and you will get personalized answers for all your equity release questions! 

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Accuracy Guaranteed

While most equity release calculators would simply return with general figures regardless of how different your case maybe, our service is entirely different. It would take into account your age, your home, its locality, your health condition etc and then return a very accurate approximation of how much you can earn through equity release.

Unbiased Comparison

Comparison is the key to making the right decision in equity release schemes and deals. Our comparison tool can help you analyze various features of equity release schemes as well as equity release deals available in each scheme. You would have the answer of which scheme and deal would suit you best on a plate while working with us!

We Care About You

What’s important to us is your satisfaction! We are not a company which would leave you high and dry after offering you genuine advice on equity release schemes. We would follow up with proper support so that you are never duped while getting an equity release deal!

FREE Consultations

You can use our accurate, authentic and unique equity release calculator for FREE at all times to know whatever you need to know about the amount you can generate with any specific deal or scheme. Such consultations would cost you nothing!

Factors that Impact Equity Release Deals

While anybody who is over 55 and has a property is eligible for equity release, there are certain factors which decide the terms and conditions of the equity release deal. The two major factors are:

Age - Companies usually offer the best deals to individuals who are in the latter stages of their life. So, while the normal age for equity release eligibility is 55, equity release companies would offer better deals for individuals who are over 65. The company usually takes into account the age of both the owner and the partner living in the house.


Health Condition - Since companies know that the scheme would continue till the point the owner stays at the house, they usually offer better deals to individuals whose chances of staying in the house for a long period is less. So, anyone with a poor medical record or with a pre-existing medical condition would usually get the best deals.


Our Property Calculator takes into account all these factors before giving the most accurate predictions regarding equity release! Contact us now to use the calculator!